Too Kyo Games Unveiling Livestream Summary

Yesterday, at 7 PM JST, Famitsu hosted a livestream for the unveiling of a new gaming company, “Too Kyo Games“.

Members of Too Kyo Games:

Representative: Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa)
Composer/Arranger: Masafumi Takada (Danganronpa, No More Heroes)
Character Designer/Illustrator: Rui Komatsuzaki (Danganronpa, Fate/Grand Order)
Illustrator/Character Designer: Shima Drill (Danganronpa, Fate/Grand Order)
Director/Scenario Writer: Takumi Nakazawa (Infinity series, I/O, Root Double)
Novelist/Scenario Writer: Yoichiro Koizumi (Absolute Despair Hagakure)
Director/Scenario Writer: Kotaro Uchikoshi (Infinity series, Zero Escape series)

Their main roles will be focusing on developing projects/original concepts, design work, scenario writing, music, and planning. They will also cross over into other medias, such as anime. They wish to create “strong IPs”, as well as delve into their own indie work.

Too Kyo Games began around October/November last year, and currently, they have four projects in the works.
Project #1:

*Slogan: “Kodaka & Uchikoshi Joint Scenario Project! ‘Extreme’ x ‘Despair'”
*Kodaka normally writes alone, but he’d wanted to do a joint scenario ever since creating the company.
*Uchikoshi heard many overseas fans requesting a collaboration from the two.
*Kodaka came up with the original concept, while Uchikoshi kneads it together. Currently in production.
*All the other members are involved as well, with the designs being split between Komatsuzaki and Shima Drill.
*The title, platform, genre, and release window are undecided. Kodaka asks for people to send their opinions.

Project #2 (Anime):

Slogan: “Everyone is a Villain.”
*Original project produced by Studio Pierrot.
*The director is Tomohisa Taguchi (Persona 3 movies). The scenario writer is Norimitsu Kaiho (School Live, Danganronpa 3). Kodaka is in charge of the plot.
*Going for a 90s action movie aesthetic, along with movies like Kill Bill and Snatch. Everyone is a villain. Only criminals show up.
*Concept art by Komatsuzaki.
Project #3:

Slogan: “Death game for kids, by kids”
*Illustrations by Take (Zaregoto)
*Elementary school kids in a death game. Incorporates children’s juvenile nature. Similar to the halcyon days of one’s childhood. Different from a normal death game, the likes of which have never been seen.
*Uchikoshi working on the scenario, while Kodaka is the senior supervisor. Koizumi is the secondary scenario writer, while Nakazawa is the director. Death game with the familiar Nakazawa x Uchikoshi combo.
*Films such as E.T. and The Goonies were an influence.
*The concept art incorporates the game’s message and themes. Many secrets are hidden, so maybe it will be fun to guess them.


Project #4:

Slogan: “Dark fantasy-esque adventure by Spike Chunsoft x Too Kyo Games”
*Kodaka wanted to continue working with Spike Chunsoft though he is no longer with them, so he came up with the project and was very enthusiastic about doing it.
*Wanted to play a detective adventure that takes place in a peculiar town where a murder case occurs. A dark fantasy with a world like something out of Tim Burton.
*Danganronpa members like Takada, Komatsuzaki, and Shima Drill are participating as well.
*Novelist Takekuni Kitayama, who came up with plot twists in “Danganronpa V3”, will be participating as well.
*Wanted to create the kind of world that would be difficult to describe.

Regarding the Danganronpa series, Kodaka said that he might go back to it if all his projects turn out to be a success, but if they turn out to be failures, he wouldn’t want to go back. Otherwise, he’d feel like he was just doing it for money, which would be rude. So he would rather wait and see first, but is up for the idea.


*Though not related to Too Kyo Games, Nakazawa also announced that he is working on an original anime as the concept writer and screenwriter.
*Genres are “two worlds”, “boy meets girl”, and “battle”, genres which Nakazawa has not delved into before.
*Studio and title of anime still unknown.
*On another note, Uchikoshi announces that production of “AI: The Somnium Files” will not be affected by any of this, and he is still working as its director.


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