Farnese World


A long, long time ago, there were witches.

Some were good, some were bad. The good witches lived in harmony with mankind.

However, one day, a bad witch named Mnemosyne appeared, and used the magic of the stars to make humanity suffer.

The good witch Stella erased the stars from the sky so magic could not be used again.
The bad witch was eradicated, and Stella ascended into the heavens, becoming the moon.

And so it was that the stars vanished and the moon came to watch over us to this very day.
However, the bad witches secretly slipped into the midst of humans, using magic and committing vile deeds.

In stead of the stolen stars, they use witch’s stars carved into their own bodies, and wield constellation magic.

The civilization of magic that humanity has inherited from the good witches…
With their legacy of sacred swords and talismans in hand, mankind fought against the bad witches.

But regardless of how many of them are felled, bad witches continue to appear amongst humans.

Those in suffering worship Saint Stella and began hunting the bad witches that hide amongst people.
Thus came the advent of the star hunts.

And as the years passed, a new scientific civilization struck the world at large, changing the very form of the world as people knew it.
The law was established, and astrologers who could find witch’s stars became astrolegists.

While being a witch is not against the law, people can be tried under accusation for having used magic to commit crimes.

Yet in spite of this… crimes committed by bad witches are in no short supply.
And right next to you… is a witch.