Farnese Story


It has been my dream to become an astrolegist (*1).
Ever since the day my mother was tried as a witch for a crime she didn’t commit…



“Etoile, don’t you remember what you told me? You said you wanted to make it so no more false accusations result from a star hunt ever again.
You meant that, right? You want to save innocent people, right?
Isn’t that why you became an astrolegist?”

And thus I was greeted with my first start hunt.

I’d managed to buy some time by counterattacking the twin courtroom knights’
insidious attempts to interfere, but…

…if I didn’t find the real culprit by the next star hunt, then my client would…

*Slide 2*

“Then it’s time for Farnese, witch of justice, to shine!”

During an investigation, who should I come across but my old friend from childhood ten years ago… but why was she now a witch?!

“I came to help you determine the truth of this incident, Et!”

*Between Slide 2 and 3*

There I was, thinking it was a joke, when Farnese used her explosive magic at the crime scene to specify the witch’s constellation used in the crime!

*Slide 3*

But to think an actual witch would help me with the investigation for a star hunt, designed to sentence her very kind…

And thus, my tumultuous life as a court attorney began.


(*1 The Japanese word here is 占星弁護士, which roughly becomes “astrology lawyer”. For my translation here, I turned it into a play on words of “astrologist” and “legist”.)