Farnese Game Structure

http://miti.jp/gamesystem.php (Warning: this link is NSFW. Do not click the link unless you are 18 or older.)

Game Structure
Each chapter is split up into an “investigation part” and a “star hunt part”.
Game System: Investigation Part
Search for the witch’s “constellation”!
Traces of magic used remain at the crime scene.
Use a “horoscope” to find marks of magic, and reveal the “constellation magic” used by the witch.

When your horoscope reaches magical traces, the shape of the “constellation” gradually grows clearer…
Once it’s fully clear, you will know the witch’s “constellation”!

If you don’t know it, just ask Farnese! With the help of her holy staff Astrolabe and familiar Ciel, the witch’s constellation will be clear in the blink of an eye!
You can also clarify the magic’s potency with Etoile’s “constellation encyclopedia”.


Game System: “Star Hunt” Part
Make the right choices and emerge the victor of the star hunt!
Every “witch” has “witches’ stars” carved into their body.
When defending your client, you must rebut the courtroom knights’, expose the lies of the indicted “true culprit”, and make them strip.
You must decide between two choices which you believe to be the correct choice.

Courtroom battle to strip or be made to strip!
Can you strip the “true culprit” and prove they are a “witch”?
Or will your client tear off all their clothes and be forced to confess?
The sentence of the “star hunt” depends on your choices!

Once you make them take off their clothes, do a thorough search!
When you finish making the true culprit take off their clothes, the star hunt shall reach its climax. Search their whole body with your horoscope and search for traces of their “witch’s stars”.
If you find the same “constellation” as the magic that was used at the crime, that reveals them to be a “witch”.
The witch will change into all sorts of different poses in an attempt to hide the constellation, making you unable to make it out.
Click her to force her to change poses and reveal the “constellation”!
Even if you have to force them into all sorts of immodest poses……this is all to defend your “client”.